Recruiting does well in tough economic times

DoD has released the results of recruiting in the first half of FY11. Not surprisingly, recruiting has done well in this tough economy.

Recruiting and retention has stayed high throughout the military for the first half of the fiscal year, according to Defense Department numbers released today.

via News Article: Military Sees High Recruiting, Retention.

As a citizen, I’d much prefer we were in good economic times, and recruiters had to compete more for quality applicants. But from the Army’s perspective, the wider available pool of potential recruits has some real benefits.

First, the Army is able to make its numbers. That’s the first hurdle.

Second, the Army is able to be much choosier about who it actually accepts for enlistment. That yields a higher quality force. And don’t forget, the fact that the Army actually accessed more than its target, along with the higher quality of recruits means there is greater freedom for commanders to administratively discharge the least productive soldiers that are already in their units.

2 thoughts on “Recruiting does well in tough economic times”

  1. Certainly a plus for the military. It would also be nice to get the sick, lame and lazy of the personnel lists so we can get some good troops in their place. Some aren’t any good even if they are in the rear with the beer.

  2. “…there is greater freedom for commanders to administratively discharge the least productive soldiers that are already in their units.”
    This is critical. There is nothing worse than having dead weight, dud soldiers hanging around, just to make numbers. Everyone sees it. Now, if we can get the officer retention to stay high. Combined with the pending reduction in end-strength, maybe we can clear out the lower quality officers and senior NCOs as well.

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