The High Cost of Gas…

You think you’re paying a lot for gas… (and it was $4.29/gallon last time I filled up!)?

Just think what it costs to distribute fuel to our troops in Afghanistan. By air!



While packing barrels of fuel on pallets and air dropping them to remote locations is extraordinarily expensive, in the long run, it just has to be cheaper than having to pay for evacuation and care for casualties of troops that may be wounded in convoy operations. Not to mention the lives saved.

And for you aviation oriented readers, is that a CASA 212 doing the drop?

4 thoughts on “The High Cost of Gas…”

  1. I think that is one of the contracted cargo birds that fly out of Bagram. When I was there they had two operating. One was involved in a crash in the winter of 2004 IIRC.

  2. Yep CASA 212, contractor owned and operated.

    The C-27 that the Army was trying to get for that job was taken over by the USAF, we can see how well that has worked out.

    1. I’d heard rumblings that the AF was going to steal all the C-27s. A quick look at wiki shows that they did in fact cut a deal for all production to go to the ANG.

      I knew from day one of JCA that the Air Force would stop at nothing to make sure they got all the birds.

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