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I never seem to write much about veterans, support for them, and the large number of excellent organizations that have sprung up to assist them. Oddly, for a guy who runs a blog about the military, and who is a lifetime member of a couple of different organizations, I don’t really spend any time doing veteran “stuff” in my real life. I know far more about the Army than I do about veterans issues. So I tend not to write about that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about it.

Most of you are somewhat familiar with Marcus Luttrell, a former Navy SEAL who fought with distinction in the early days of the war in Afghanistan. He has formed the Lone Survivor Foundation, dedicated to providing services and support to wounded veterans and their families, and the families who have lost loved ones in the War on Terror. As it turns out, one of my blog buddies, Guy Land,  knows Marcus quite well, and as his contribution to wounded veterans, Guy offered his services to Lone Survivor Foundation to design the centerpiece of “The Ranch,” a 10,000 acre facility in Texas where veterans can receive therapy, support, and services to adapt to reentering society as productive citizens, and whole people. As importantly, The Ranch won’t just support the warrior, but the families of these wounded troops as well.


Just wanted to share, very excited about this – I have been officially commissioned by the Lone Survivor Foundation to begin design on their new 20,000 sq. ft. lodge house for Wounded Veteran Recovery and Rehabilitation. By ‘officially commissioned’ I mean they gave me the approval to start, I refused to accept any fees for the project. I will gladly share sketches with you guys once I have them ready.

Guy is a widely respected designer with an impressive client list, and he’s also pleased as punch to be able to help out. And while I realize that times are tough all over, you might consider a contribution to the Lone Survivor Foundation yourself.

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention! I am thrilled, but more so honored, to be working with the Lone Survivor Foundation on this project. Having never served in the military yet, a life long recipient of the benefits of their sacrifice, designing the lodge for this fantastic enterprise is the very least I could do in my effort to pay it forward. I hope more companies rise to the occasion in realizing this dream for Marcus and his foundation.

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