Excellent turn of phrase

She was a typical upper class dimwit, slumming with the chic downtrodden of the day, who couldn’t bake a loaf of bread without romanticizing the distress of the flour and the noble savage qualities of the yeast.

Crown of Slaves, David Weber, Baen Books Kindle edition, Location 695

3 thoughts on “Excellent turn of phrase”

  1. Funny thing, Weber didn’t actually write that. He provides the outline of the basic story, I think… but Eric Flint is the one that actually writes the pages for that and Torch of Freedom.

    And Eric Flint is a dyed-in-the-wool Union Organizer.

    Sometimes he seems to be our kind of people in spite of that, though.

  2. Flint is definitely conflicted. He writes well, however. I wonder, at times, if he’s got two people living in his head.

  3. *reads the phrase… five times in a row*

    *looks in the mirror*

    YOU talkin’ to ME???!!!

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