The guys get shirts!

Friend of this blog, and uber-hottie Cathy send me a very pleasant surprise in the mail.

No word if co-author Roamy is getting one… which, since we started posting ‘splodey just for her, would be ironic.

6 thoughts on “The guys get shirts!”

    1. I’d tell you to go suck up to Cathy at Innocent Bystanders, but I don’t want you to take the time from your most excellent blog!

  1. Embroidering Roamy’s shirt today so she’ll have it next weekend. Hers will have a color change with “BringHeat…” in bright orange for improved visibility and legibility. Fussing is a feature!

    I’ll make another Splodey Shirt for you Xbrad, since logo is changing.

    Btw, miss visiting here. Y’all take care.

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