Female ACUs

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Several hundred female Army troops are testing a new combat uniform for women that has shorter sleeves and knee pads in the right places for their generally shorter legs, the Associated Press reports.


We think it is high time the Army start designing women’s uniforms for…women.

But it is sad to learn that even if approved by the Army Uniform Board, it will still take four years to make it into general issue. And cost is sure to be a factor as well.

4 thoughts on “Female ACUs”

  1. WOW, I had to laugh at that 2015 bit. Crazy… it’s a friggen shirt for God sakes.

  2. The kneepad inserts need to be fixed for everyone, not just women. I don’t know where they wind up on the women, but I know that mine usually sit well below the knee, so that when I take a knee, they are still down by my shins. Once you wiggle around enough to get your knee back on to it, it is a pretty good idea.

    1. When I was a lightfighter, cutting our BDUs and slipping in some padding was pretty common. I was fairly astounded that when the Army adopted the ACU, they actually put some common sense ideas into a COMBAT uniform.

  3. Heh! When my wife was in, they did design uniforms for Women. It’s only been since the auxiliaries were killed that women’s work uniforms weren’t designed for them anymore.

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