A Volunteer Force « Neptunus Lex

A Volunteer Force « Neptunus Lex.

While you cannot compare the travails of the Russian Army to our own, but you can see the difficulties that a country trying to build a professional force face.

Of course, if you already HAVE a professional force, it would make a lot more sense to keep it that way.

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  1. Tsarist Russia had a Professional Military. All the Soviet Union had was a professional Officer Corps with a smattering of Warrant Officers and Senior Sergeants. Ivan pushed most NCO work onto the junior officers, which is a bad thing. Good senior NCOs develop the junior officers and have as much influence on the professional direction of the service than the officer corps does.

  2. In 1999, I had a Hungarian air defense officer visiting my TOC when they were preparing to undergo NATO certification. We talked for at least an hour, while I explained the roles of American officers and NCOs, and how their relationships complement each other. He was a hard case, but in the end, he started to come around. Probably didn’t take it back to Hungary with him, though… We did have an interesting talk about how he learned his air-defense trade planning to shoot down Phantoms, though.

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