Look, I’m not admitting I screamed like a little girl when this guy jumped on me…


I mean, he’s only about 4 inches long…

But I did squeal at such a high pitch, only dogs heard me.

11 thoughts on “EEEEEKKKK!!!!!!!!!!”

    1. What, Sox won’t handle that for you? My Dr. Cat is a bug killing machine. Oddly enough, my dog is the mouser of the family …

  1. My wife said no on the borrow. She thinks of her like the daughter she never had. When the grasshoppers and june bugs are out in full force around here (Tennessee), I swear her consumption of dog food decreases.

    1. Can your dog run a hundred miles pulling a sled and sleep naked in the snow? He has to do something besides eat and poop to make it worth my while.

    2. I dunno. You have a cat and scream like a little girl at bugs. I’m not sure you are ready for a dog.

  2. He could use the dog to protect himself from the bully door to door knockers.

    Of course given those load heat posts he’s probably looking for door to floor knockers.

    So yes, he does more than eat and poop. So do most dogs come to think of it.

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