We don’t spend a lot of time reading The Armchair Generalist, since he’s “progressive.” But he does share a pet peeve of mine, and that’s the insane amount of time the military spends on devising and revising acronyms and other jargonated language.

Okay, here’s a personal pet peeve or my military brethren and sisters out there. I’ve heard within the last two-three years that the acronym “COCOM” is not in fact a shorthand term for “combatant commands” but only refers to “combatant commands (command authority).” The acronym “CCMD” is the “new” shorthand for “combatant commands,” and “CCDR” is the most recent shorthand for “combatant commander.”

via Armchair Generalist: The Stupidity of Military Bureaucrats.

It seems that half the officers in the Pentagon spend their time coming up with increasingly cumbersome terminology for relatively simple things.

AG mentions CBRN defense. That’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear defense. Which is cumbersome enough as it is. Worse still, the very same concept has been known by a lot of other terms over the years- NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical), CBR , ABC, and who knows how many others. And yet, it all means the same thing.

Pick a damn name, quit changing it.

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  1. I think the NBC/CBRN acronym changes to reflect whatever the perceived main threat is at the moment. I think during the 1970/80’s the big fear was Nuclear so it got top billing. Or maybe they changed it so Nuclear, Chemical and Bioligical warfare/defense didn’t get a bad name from being associated with the crappy TV network that shares the same letters. And they had to add radiological to the mix to remind terrorists that dirty “radiological” bombs are an option, just in case they might forget.

  2. Hey, I’m a progressive, and I like your website. Especially the cats and ‘splodey.

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