With "Patriots" like the Kennedy Brothers…

No not JFK, RFK, and Teddy… the fellows at about the 1:20 mark in this video:


Now I promised to keep my Civil War stuff on that other blog, but consider this news report airing on Al Jazzera.  The quote about “an imperial power that will go around the world to have it’s ideas enforced at the point of a bloody bayonet,” is like sending the terrorists a box of silver bullets in the propaganda war.

While I disagree with the Kennedy brothers’ interpretation of the history, I have no problem with them shilling books or speaking at events to promote their take on the history.  But when Al Jazzera puts a mike in front of them, I’d suggest they ensure the brain is engaged before running the mouth.  Certainly they need to consider how their “bloody bayonet” might be reinterpreted in the propaganda mills.  Of late, many terrorists have cited inspiration from messages thus “spun” by AQ (look no further than last year’s foiled plot in Europe).

3 thoughts on “With "Patriots" like the Kennedy Brothers…”

  1. Alas, the Kennedy Brothers are correct. Slavery was a side issue and their brains were quite engaged before they said what they did.

    1. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. My point is they should have chosen better words than they did, considering where the news spot would air. Just saying.

    2. There are times the truth is hard to bear. Just sayin’.

      Where the news spot was going to air really makes little difference. Like many I was against going into Iraq and Trashcanistan. Going in we should have broken everything and hung the people in charge then gave to keys to someone else with the warning “don’t make us come back.” Nation building among people that don’t want to be nation built is a losing proposition. The north going south to conquer in the name of the union, or some other bit of propaganda, does not reflect well on our country.

      The Kennedys were right in what they said. The best way to deal with the truth is to own and learn from your mistakes. Attempting to hold the messenger up to ridicule does nothing for you.

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