Outlaw 13 hangs up his flight suit.

Outlaw 13 is the nom de blog of a Threedonia contributor and longtime friend of this blog. He’s also an Army Aviator, and experienced Apache gunship combat pilot. And as he nears his retirement from the world’s greatest Army, he recently made his last flight. And Threedonia made a nice blog post out of it (because bloggers are always looking for content!).

Floyd Here: Outlaw’s friend and frequent Threedonia commenter 67Cougar notified me that Outlaw, who is soon to retire from the U.S. Army, recently took his last flight in celebration of his career and a job well done. He thought — and we all agree — that it would make a great post. Thank you for your service Dan. Good luck and Godspeed in your next endeavor (in addition to your 6 figure salary here). From here on out photos and text courtesy of 67 Cougar.


Head on over and give Outlaw best wishes.

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