First-ever B-1 munitions capability layout

We mentioned the B-1B the other day…

Here’s a nice pic of just how big a load it can carry.

A B-1 bomber was showcased with its massive weapons capability during a first-ever B-1 munitions capability layout photo shoot at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, April 5.

“It was a great opportunity to display the capability of a B-1 from a munitions standpoint,” said Col. David Been, 7th Bomb Wing commander. “No other aircraft in the Air Force inventory even comes close to a B-1 in that aspect.

via First-ever B-1 munitions capability layout.

2 thoughts on “First-ever B-1 munitions capability layout”

  1. Yes, and it is a good thing that the Carter administration canceled the B-1A so that the Air Force could focus on the refinement of the B-1B… otherwise we would not have this useful aircraft in the inventory. (Did I turn on the sarcasm tags?)

    1. As scary as it might sound, I am actually with Carter on this decision. As I understand it (and I may be wrong here), he opted to cut spending on the B1A manned bomber program in order to put money into the B2 Spirit manned stealth bomber program. Kind of a reverse of the bird-in-the-hand approach, but a very sound and defensible decision at that point in the Cold War given the growing Soviet air defense capability and lack of suitability of high-altitude penetration (witness loss of B58 and B70). It is not like he could have provided the background to that decision at the time, and as such, it looked like yet another “Carter is soft on defense” story. The end result, the B1B, turned out to be a pretty good program, and benefitted from redesign and revamped concept of employment that it gained from closure of B1A program.

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