Houston, we've got a problem

Roamy here.  You’ve seen the drama of Apollo 13, the movie.  On this day in 1970, the wires to the stirring fan in Oxygen Tank #2 short-circuited, followed by an explosion 200,000 miles from home.  The crew, Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert would use the Lunar Module as a lifeboat, with several tense days until their safe return to Earth.

Aquarius LM


Service Module, limping away after separation

Trivia: The UK show Scrapheap Challenge (known as Junkyard Wars in the U.S.) was dreamed up after one of the producers saw Apollo 13 and was inspired by the scene of the engineers trying to get the CO2 scrubber to work with what the astronauts had on hand.

1 thought on “Houston, we've got a problem”

  1. I remember that scene in the movie. My dad worked for NASA at the time at Canaveral, and he told me the scramble to get all the scrap was far more intense than in the movie. One guy was so frazzled he was in tears, and hyperventilated.

    It wasn’t just about avoiding a tragedy for them. It was about family. Sometimes I get the feeling that camaderie is long gone from the program.

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