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The Army is doomed. DOOMED!

The root of both Lean and Six Sigma reach back to the time when the greatest pressure for quality and speed were on manufacturing. Lean rose as a method for optimizing automotive manufacturing; Six Sigma evolved as a quality initiative to eliminate defects by reducing variation in processes in the semiconductor industry. It is not surprising that the earliest adopters of Lean Six Sigma arose in the service support functions of manufacturing organizations like GE Capital, Caterpillar Finance, and Lockheed Martin.

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  1. I’m not claiming it’s widespread, but the most popular master’s Degree I encountered in Military Officers was the MBA. Why not Military Science or History? Never understood that, frankly.

    1. It’s now time for you to submit to the lobotomy if want those Chickens on your collar.

      Oh, wait! They don’t ride on the collar anymore, do they? 🙂

  2. Quartermaster, “if want those Chickens on your collar.”

    When I was in the Military, they called those “Chickens” by another name, they were called, “Ruptured Ducks”. One of the guys asked, “Why do they call them Ruptured Ducks?” The person who answered the question, was wearing multiple stars. He simply said, “What would you be like, if somebody put you in that same position?” The person would ask the question, originally, turned up few shades of gray on his skin, not his hair. Later, you hear this man, in a muffled voice, say “ouch”. The “Old General” has a neat smirk on his face and just walked away.

    It was a neat touch, “submit to the lobotomy”. I think you had a typographical error. It should have read, “submit to the TOTAL lobotomy.” But it just might be that I am in error and the “total”, is assumed.

    As you can tell, I was one of those dang “Enlisted”. ; – )

    1. Well, I was one of those “dang enlisted” too, when I first started out. It makes me think a whole lot differently about things. Not chasing eagles, chickens, stars, ducks or anything. Merely doing my best until it is no longer fun. Hence, my original comment. Have managed to avoid the lobotomy so far.

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