Guided MLRS

Putting warheads on foreheads


1. With a range of about 65km, and accuracy like you saw above, the GMLRS is pretty handy. Especially if you don’t have fighter-bombers overhead.

2. Pretty sure I saw a dud in that clip. GMLRS ain’t cheap. A round that fails to detonate doesn’t help matters.

1 thought on “Guided MLRS”

  1. GMLRS are awesome. With GPS technology, we can literally pick which corner of a building we want to hit. (Of course, you can do this with a JDAM too.) They suffer from a couple of problems, though. Relatively small warhead is one which is a concern. Though it reduces collateral damage, it also just doesn’t kill to well sometimes. You see at about 1:10 a lot of people running away? I have watched GMLRs hit so close that the blast knocked them down, and they got up and ran away like track stars. Also, they suffer from (sometimes) a long time to lay them and a long time-of-flight. When that rocket flies up to 70k altitude and travels for 2-3 minutes from firing point to point of impact, a lot can change on the ground before impact. Also, they sometimes have GPS software issues that have been known to make them hit too far away from the intended target. But as you say, if you don’t have fixed-wing overhead, it is a great choice.

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