8 thoughts on “Water is always a good choice to rehydrate after working out, but researchers suggest beer is better – NBCActionNews.com – Kansas City”

  1. So I can totally justify to my wife my stopping by the pub for a Guinness after my workout. You rock, xbrad!

    1. I dunno about that. The troops would love it, but then there is the poem that says,

      You may talk o’ gin and beer
      When you’re quartered safe out ‘ere,
      An’ you’re sent to penny-fights an’ Aldershot it;
      But when it comes to slaughter
      You will do your work on water,

    2. Aggie, I still remember at St. Louis Cardinal baseball games in my youth watching the players drinking beer during the games in Bush Stadium. Also recall being on Anhueser Bush brewery tours and seeing employees drinking beer during their breaks and lunch hours.

  2. I’ll raise a longneck and drink to that! *clink*

    Facts about beer that y’all might not care about, but I find interesting: Beer has been the healthy drink of choice for thousands of years. Alcohol in beers and ales made it safer to drink than other beverages since most folks had no refrigeration or hygienic plumbing. It was also drunk by all ages as part of their daily nutrition. HOWEVER the alcohol content was lower than most of the beer we drink today. Temperature was not ice-cold. More like cellar temp or room temp.

    Me like beer.

  3. At one time Beer was called “liquid bread” because of the yeast content. It was consumed in large quantities because of the contaminated water. When I lived in Germany in the late 60s, Beer was still preferred by many because safe water supply was still thin on the ground outside of the large cities.

    We used to be told to drink water to rehydrate because beer was a diuretic. My wife had to chug a couple 12oz beers when she had a kidney infection and voided in 2 days. It will loosen things up when you have problems like that.

    The article seems like a lot of pop medicine these days. I have no idea if it’s true or not. Since I don’t like beer, I doubt it will change my drinking habits anytime soon.

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