Think first

From a friend of Mr. RFH.

(Took it down.  I guess it wasn’t that funny, and it’s not worth giving XBradTC grief.  Sorry.)

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  1. As Jerry Pournelle so aptly puts it, “Beware the wrath of the Legions.” The politicos are too trusting at times, and one day their trust will be shown for the stupidity it is. You can only abuse someone for so long before there are consequences.

  2. As I look at this new, you raised the challenge for Congress to think first, I would make a different suggestion, first, pull your head out and get some fresh air. Then wash your face him and smell the coffee, even if you are him or her. You should even wait for a cup of that freshly brewed coffee and enjoy it. This would be the wisest first step.

    Brad, in a Court of Law, would this be considered “the assumption of things not in evidence?”

  3. Wish we had more Congressmen like Allen West.

    Ditto, Roamy. Had lunch with Allen West a week ago and blogged about it. He shared some views about the military that I did not cover in my post (which was more about the economy) that I’d like to include here. He believes there is a total lack of leadership from the White House that is actually causing “seriously perilous times for our Nation” and our troops.

    West did not mince words about Libya, either. His contacts in the Pentagon told him that in Libya “We don’t have a clue,” that we are “just pounding dirt from the air” and “you can’t win a war from the air.”

    I could sense utter frustration in Congressman West’s voice as he explained why it’s so difficult for our forces to be successful in war efforts. We are being held back. It is not a fair fight. There are strategic maneuvers that can be used to destroy the hiding places of these terrorists but these are not being used. He went on to say that we should be setting conditions for our young men and women to be successful in battle and that if they would follow through we would win. And he got a round of applause when he said that if the terrorists are so bent on killing us infidels even if they have to die to do it, that hey, if they want to die, let’s grant them their request.

  4. So, if the Congress cannot execute its duties and properly fund the government as it is required to, the solution is for the military to move on Washington and take over?

    COUNT ME OUT with the seditious, unpatriotic, traitorous attitude of that poster.

    You don’t like the political direction of the country…go to the ballot box.

    Really don’t like it…take off the uniform and run for office or work for a political party.

    1. I can’t speak for anyone else, A-Soldier, but took the poster as a joke. It’s just a a poke in the eye of elitists in Washington who think they can will-nilly with our lives without respecting the human beings who serve in the military or those of us who pay taxes that pay their salaries. We are citizens, not their slaves or serfs. They work for us.

      Lighten up.

    2. I did discuss (after the fact) my feelings with Roamy on this post. I too share your basic sentiment about the solution to those problems we as a nation face, and my discomfort with anyone thinking that our forces would ever turn against their civilian control. But the post was not made with any malicious intent, and when I invited Roamy to post here, I told her to post what she liked, and that I would not censor her.

      Roamy doesn’t advocate any illegal or dishonorable activity, and was showing her support for the troops.

      A Simple Soldier, I hope you won’t judge her or this blog by one difference of opinion on one post, particularly when the author of that post thinks so highly of you and your brothers in arms.

  5. A Soldier, I’m the one who posted it and I thought it was funny. I’m not calling for an overthrow. Don’t take it out on XBradTC.

    That said, my nephew currently serving got half a paycheck *in anticipation* of the shutdown. That’s not the way to treat our folks in uniform.

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