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  1. Cool picture. Brings back (terrible) memories.
    H-53’s are some of the WORST things to load/unload from a C-5. There’s, like, no clearance from the top of the rotor mast to the C-5’s underfloor, side-to-side is terrible, and you have to pressurize/depressurize the H-53’s struts to keep from high-centering on the ramp.

  2. I remember the first time I walked into a C–5 at the time I went with an aeronautical engineer. The first, they had to land. It was funny, we both said it the same time. Whenever we saw this plane land, we would both look each other and say, “ah, the bumblebee principal. This very same engineer taught me that aerodynamically bumblebee cannot fly, we looked at the C-5 we would think of the bumblebee, he can not fly in, but nobody has told him, so he just of does it.

  3. I never saw a C-5 in the pattern at Kelly AFB when we lived near there. I saw tehm dozens of times right after the Yom Kippur War in ’73 when they were flying into NAS Norfolk for Ammo and bombs (there was a dump at the east end of the NAS at the time). Almost any transport you could name was seen at NORVA during that time. The 141 seemed normal, but the C-5 was surreal by comparison.

  4. I loved doing static displays with the C-5.
    1. “Damn that plane is big”. You think the plane is big, you should see the box the plane is delivered in from the factory. And you should see the building we keep those boxes, just in case one has to go back to the factory.
    2. “You didn’t really fly that in here”. No, we brought it in on freight cars and assembled it overnight. Stick around, we’re taking it apart tonight to send home.
    3. “That really doesn’t fly, does it?”. No, we launch it into the air with a giant catapult, and the Earth rotates under it.

  5. I live on the approach to Volk Field, and occasionally, a C-5 flys over, and i always think, ” They can’t do that!”

    I am not surprised that C-5s are helophagous, something that big needs a lot of feeding!

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