Obama's respect for the military

Our favorite goober, Dave in Texas,  just brought to our attention the fact that if the government shuts down, when Obama flies back from his badly needed vacation next week, he’ll be riding in an aircraft crewed by military members whom he thinks don’t need to be paid.

8 thoughts on “Obama's respect for the military”

  1. It should be enough to just be in Teh Won’s presence.

    Really, they should pay him for the honor of being on Air Force One. That makes the most sense.

  2. Both Reagan and Clinton made sure the military were paid during government shut-downs. This does not involve an act of congress… just signing paperwork.

    So if Obama goes through with not permitting the military to receive their pay, it’s gonna leave a mark.

    Any fifth grader could comprehend that the military’s service is one of our highest priorities. Yet Obama doesn’t get it.

  3. What I don’t understand is why Congress and the President receive their pay and benefits when the budget has not been passed. Seems like if they are not doing their job, they should be dinged just like the other federal workers.

    We need to stop treating congressmen and executive office holders as something special. They’re not. They’re people elected to do a job.

  4. @Bill, there you go again, using common sense. My father always taught me that common sense, was not all that common.

    I do believe with this “Baby BS”, we are going to see many people who are voters, they would not be voting for somebody, but against this type of nonsense.

    Bill, I agree with you.

  5. When I first had a real job, I worked on computer systems for the Navy Relief Society (now, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society). I had a chance to go to a lot of bases, to meet a lot of budget counselors and wives of servicemen. I also got to see just how thin a margin young married enlisted men were living on (and how little they knew about managing money). If they miss a paycheck, there will be an awful lot of eviction notices, under-fed children and, I’m gonna bet, a serious uptick in the military divorce rate. Does that mean no civilian commissary staff? Base security? Civilian janitorial services? I’m betting this screws an awful lot of hourly workers who will never recover the lost pay (and some of those contracting companies that will run through the saved-up portion of their 8% profit and go out of business).

  6. Hourly workers may get the big time shaft, but most civilian employees should still be payed. Military members who can’t meet their obligations due to this nonsense are covered from penalties and credit hits by the Serviceman’s Civil Relief act, under the provisions for military duty interfering with ability to pay.

    On an aside, as a Nevada state military technician and Army National Guardsman, I got my weekend drill canceled, and am furloughed for the immediate future. Not sure when that will resolve itself.

  7. I put this issue up on my Facebook wall. A sweet gal friend of mine has a husband serving in the Marines. The following is a letter he sent to his legislative representatives, and she shared it with me. God Bless Our Military!

    As a Sgt of Marines, I have a wife and two young children whose livelihood depends on the income I provide. The day I raised my hand and said, I would fight for this countries freedom, for the freedoms of my family and friends I made a commitment, with or without a paycheck.
    As an American, we have endurance with strength to move on in the face of adversity and challenges. This is yet another challenge, we will endure. I along with my brothers and sisters in arms will continue to stand between the American people and the forces of evil, to fight for the truths of our founding fathers for the future of our children and their children. To protect those who cannot or will not protect themselves, for in this statement I stand, “Honor, courage, and commitment. “

    If you need to shut down the government in order to change the policies that do not follow the constitution that I would die for, I say SHUT IT DOWN , and bring change! We will make due-“So much, with so little, for so long!”
    Semper Fi!

  8. I don’t know, but I got the vibe that Obama purposely did this in order to have the military scream at the members of Congress, not him. Part of the whole “divide and conquer” Alinsky thing.

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