Infantry: Frostbite Is Your Friend

One of the generally unpublicized “secret weapons” American troops have in Afghanistan is much better Winter clothing. This often proves critical, especially in the hilly areas of Afghanistan, where it gets extremely cold. So cold, that the Taliban cannot handle it, while the better equipped Americans can.

via Infantry: Frostbite Is Your Friend.

Maybe our gear is a lot better than the Taliban’s. But it is still miserable humping up and down hills in cold weather.

3 thoughts on “Infantry: Frostbite Is Your Friend”

  1. Just as miserable humping that stuff in hot weather too. Probably more dangerous as well. Having had heatstroke, I’d rather be a little cold.

    1. You’n me both.

      Once it gets above about 80-85 or so, I’m done. One of the big reasons I picked the Navy: we took our AC everywhere we went.

  2. The GEN III ECWCS is great stuff, though it is so bulky that it takes over half a duffle bag to pack it. Most is thin and lightweight, but there is a huge michelin-man suit that takes up most of the room.

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