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Why is it when the Democrats explode federal spending and intrusion of the government into our lives, it’s “for the children,” but when the GOP tries to dial spending back to levels that were acceptable just a year ago, they are branded as “extreme?”

Our policy in Libya is incomprehensible. We want to depose Ghaddafi, but not militarily? But we’re gonna bomb him? Or the rebels? But WE aren’t going to provide bombers anymore, but NATO doesn’t have enough strike aircraft, so they want us to provide bombers?

If Karzai is gonna stoke the fires of the Islamists and encourage violence in Afghanistan just because some preacher burned a Koran, maybe we need another kinetic regime change there. Or just nuke the whole place from orbit.

Lindsay Graham and Harry Reid sure get excited about the Koran burning. Obama says it is bad. Where was their outrage when the US Army burned Bibles in A-stan out of deference to the Afghanis sensibilities? Maybe us Christians need to start hacking off a few heads.

I love crappy television. I’m addicted to One Tree Hill, and now I’m starting to get addicted to Hellcats. How sad is it that House and Castle are two of the better shows I watch?

I’m lucky to have some great commenters here. Have I said “Thank you” lately? If not, Thank you!

It’s hard typing on a crappy little netbook. But after so long, it’s even harder to type on a full sized desktop keyboard.

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. My legs hurt and my brain wouldn’t shut down. I composed about a dozen posts in my mind. So I got up and fired up the computer, and my brainpan promptly went blank.

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  2. House and Castle are two of my favorite shows. You might want to check out Chuck as well.

    … now when you’ve sunk to the level of watching RuPaul’s Drag Race … that’s when you know you’ve been watching far too much television.

  3. Nothing wrong with Castle. How can you go wrong with Captain Tighpants and a leggy brunette solving crime? House, though, seems to have lost it’s way recently. Why not come over to the dark side and enjoy Burn Notice when it starts up again?

    Btw, now that I’m thinking tv, has Stana Katic been a Load HEAT topic yet?

    1. Bill –
      You know, there’s actually been a fair amount of buzz the last couple months about a possible reboot of Firefly?

  4. I know the feeling Brad. There are times I go to bed when I just can’t stay awake. Then I go to bed and can’t get to sleep. At times my brain acts like my 12 yo granddaughter. Just can’t make up its mind.

    Don’t know about hacking off heads, but there have been times I would have liked to have teh choice between low altitude low yield vs high altitude, high yield over Medina and Mecca, not to mention Tehran, Kabul, Karachi, Islamabad,….

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