Ace of Spades HQ-Ryan's Plan: Necessary But Not Sufficient

If we cannot slash the stupendous spending of the President and the Democrats in Congress, our nation is doomed.

I’ve written here for almost 3 years about the Army and defense related issues. And yet, the true threat to our nation is internal. No nation will have a capability to land upon our shores and force us to submit. Millions of Americans would fight and die as free men rather than kneel before another.

But when our own government squanders our future, our countrymen cannot submit fast enough.


In FY 2011, we are running a $1.425 trillion deficit. This single year of spending will take our public debt from 62.1% of GDP up to 69.1% of GDP. Now, in our daily life, whenever we run up a debt the first thing we ask is: How long will it take me to pay this off?

via Ace of Spades HQ.

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3 thoughts on “Ace of Spades HQ-Ryan's Plan: Necessary But Not Sufficient”

  1. Thanks for this, Xbrad. Glad word is spreading on this. Just distributed the linky to my 700-800 Tea Party folk, some political operatives, and a couple of U.S. Congressmen, etc.

  2. If the Congresscritters don’t get spending in hand, then our country will not be a world power 5 years from now. I doubt it will be done voluntarily. It’s gonna be shoved down all our throats.

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