Picatinny Fields First Precision-Guided Mortars To Troops In Afghanistan

It’s about time…



This month, U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan received 120mm GPS-guided mortar precision capability. The Program Executive Office for Ammunition fielded Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative cartridges, or APMI, to one Infantry Brigade Combat Team, or IBCT, earlier this month, and is scheduled to field cartridges to the seven other IBCTs in Afghanistan within six months.


Esli? You’re my mortar guy, what say you?

via Picatinny Fields First Precision-Guided Mortars To Troops In Afghanistan.

3 thoughts on “Picatinny Fields First Precision-Guided Mortars To Troops In Afghanistan”

  1. Looks like an awesome capability. I’m curious about the $$, though it is probably relatively cheap compared to other PGM. The 120mm mortar is a pretty good system, but does not bring the HE punch of other precision weapons such as GMLR or Excalibur (which is also sort-of weak). I think the key here is that it is under the control of battalion leadership now, which means that BN has gained not only the accuracy of those other systems but is now maximizing the responsiveness of their organic mortars. Clearing your own ground and waiting for BCT TOC to clear airspace is a matter of a couple minutes at most, by which time your own mortars are laid and ready to fire, whereas I used to routinely wait a minimum of 8 minutes and more likely twenty or more to get approval, lay GMLRs and clear airspace (up through commercial airspace because of the max ord of a GMLR being o/a 70k), while guys are in contact right now. Obviously there are additonal training requirements now for 11Cs but they are smart guys! A precision mortar round with fuze setting of impact or delay will be incredible to reduce collateral damage, and even more of an asset for immediate fires to the guy in contact.

    1. Ha ha; that’s a nice video… In a sad sort of way, it reminds me of an incident that ocurred during my mortar platoon’s night LFX at NTC that was better left forgotten.

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