Light ‘em up…

Did I ever tell you guys the story about the time I absentmindedly lit up a smoke while downloading live ammo, right in front of the battalion commander?

7 thoughts on “Light ‘em up…”

  1. Brad and James Justus, that ass chewing that still resonates to this day is much better than the alternative! You’re not the only one who has ever pulled some dumb moves, I done my fair share and would have done far worse. The first words out of his mouth, *”GRUMPY, PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND LISTEN!!”*

    You’re just honest enough to admit it.

    V/R, Grumpy

  2. No, I don’t recall. But 1 time, while in my early days, I stole the platoon Seargants’ MILES control gun, took it to field chow, in the dark. After getting my plate of veal patty, green beans, etc. and 2 slices of bread, I walked back towards my platoon’s area, turned around, pulled the control gun from my BDU cargo pocket, set it to “KILL EVERYTHING” and fired the beam, back and forth across the area. You should have heard the yelling, especially from the Company CO. Gendron. What a hoot it was. I took out mostly 3rd Platoon, since I was a 2nd platoon 113 driver. LOL

  3. Lucky it wasn’t combustible-case 120mm tank ammo; that’s a good way to die quickly.

  4. Grumpy- I’ll be the first to admit pulling some major league bone-headed moves, and taking my lumps for it. I remember one ass chewing as a young seaman by a crusty old Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate that eneded with “a sailor without a knife is like a whore without a c**t!!!” I still check my pocket to make sure my knife is there before I walk out the door, with those words ringing in my ear.

  5. I used to have a Case folding knife with a marlinspike in a leather holster when I was on Courtney. Being a Quartermaster I spent my time on the bridge so the Marlinspike was a bit of overkill. When I saw it in the Ship’s Store I had to have it because it looked so Sailory and I just had to look Sailory.

    1. The marlinespike wasn’t overkill. You might have needed it to pry open a chart drawer or something. The nickel plated bosun’s pipe with the lanyard; that was the ultimate in sailory…

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