Nuttin', honey

I can’t find a thing interesting to write about today. Plus, I hear the sofa calling me to come visit it for a nap…

Of course, as a grunt, I was very good at taking a nap anywhere. Where have you taken naps?

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  1. A former boss was an electrician in the Navy. Said he found a place behind some electrical panels to nap, and that if he had rolled over in his sleep, he would have electrocuted himself.

  2. In the back of a courtroom once while my boss argued something. I somehow woke up with the knowledge of what the judge ordered us to brief.

    When I rowed in college, I used to catch naps while holding the set (keeping the boat steady) during long drills where the other pairs of the boat would be doing stuff.

  3. On a half sunk grain barge with a 40 deg. list 300 miles off the Hawiian Ids., wedged between the deck and the deck house. Which probaby wasn’t the brightest idea since there was the possibility the thing could turn turtle. But hey, those naps are important…

    Cat pics, Art. Need more cat pics.

  4. The ground at MCAGCC Twentynine Palms on the advance party with R Battery 5/11. Not bad except for the sunburn on the top of my head. If I had used my gas mask instead of my helmet for a pillow, it wouldn’t have happened. Lesson learned. Also, don’t go to the field with a day old high and stupid haircut.

    1. Or the drivers compartment of a 60 at Fort Campbell.

      I had to overnight in a Turkey on a rainy night. I had to drape my poncho over me as the driver’s hatch leaked like a sieve. I pout my waterproof bag with my sleeping bag behind me as a pillow and went to sleep. The XO was spending the night with us as the Co CO had to go back to Cantonment for some reason I can’t recall. I was sleeping so well, then the turret hydraulic pump fired up and I jumped up and smacked by head on the hull. Fortunately I was wearing my steel pot or my headache would have been worse.

      The XO laughed his tail off along with the gunner. The pump would turn on every so often to keep the pressure up in the system. At the time I accused the XO of putting the gunner up to doing evil.

  5. On top of my EC-130E’s mission capsule while orbiting over Sarajevo. Call sign “Bookshelf”.

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