War News Updates: Libyan Rebels Too Weak To Finish Off Gaddafi

War News Updates: Libyan Rebels Too Weak To Finish Off Gaddafi.

I’m STILL not convinced that intervening in Libya is at all in our best interests. But the reconstitution of Ghaddafi’s forces, and its successes in its counterattacks shows the critical nature of timely action. I think is highly likely that if NATO/The US/Europe had intervened earlier, that Ghaddafi’s forces would never had regained their balance, and the momentum of the rebels likely would have lead to their victory.

As it is now, we’ve bought ourselves the worst of all scenarios, where victory is by no means assured, and our involvement is becoming greater and greater.

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  1. Every time I look at this, I remember the aborted coup in the Philippines in 1989. How we jumped in immediately (or were asked by Aquino depending on which you believe) by keeping the rebellious air force units grounded which stopped the rebel momentum when the loyalist forces were hard pressed. As I recall, all that was expended was jet fuel.

    Too bad Obama didn’t remember that.

  2. The UN forces should intervene by letting Gaddafi to vacate and by all means, if outside forces failed to do so, the rebels will be badly punished, so in a hurry take and earlier and advance mercy to them, they might be persecuted. @@@@@@@Mr G- – – – – – -Think about the Step of Pres Ferdinand Marcos, you may step down now, think for
    freedom of your people, for you, no need to win by War but by hearts and mind.

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