CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday

CDR Salamander continues his one man war against the insanity the Diversity bullies are implementing in the Navy…

Diversity Thursday

Can you make a career out of being obsessed with yourself and your DNA? In the Navy – sure you can.

First of all – always describe yourself with as a victim;

via CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday.

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The problem with the Diversity dictators is that they have long abandoned their purported purpose of opening doors of opportunity to minorities, and instead have been engaged in a two pronged offense:

1. They are attempting to dictate inequality of outcome. That is, they don’t want people to advance on the basis of the capability and their actions. They want THEIR power-base advanced no matter what qualifications they display.

2. These organizations, like virtually EVERY bureaucracy, exist now primarily to advance the bureaucracy, not the population they purport to advocate for.