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I’m having trouble syndicating this blog to my Facebook page. Please bear with me as I click various icons and push buttons and gnash my teeth.

6 thoughts on “Networked blogs”

    1. Bill, I didn’t. WordPress did.

      I can go change settings, but haven’t done so yet. I’ll poke around and see what I can do with it. Frankly, I just didn’t realize I had any readers ON iPads…

  1. Bill, let me see if I understand you. In your own subtle way, are you suggesting that newer is NOT ALWAYS BETTER? I use the Apple iMac 2010, but that a desktop, not a tablet. Yes, I know this is only my personal preference.

    1. Newer is only better when it improves on something. And, as my wife points out, I am sort of set in my ways. When I like something, I don’t like it to change in ways that don’t enhance the experience.

      And yes, I typically read this on my iPad. Easier to keep out of the hands of my little one as I work from home to take care of her.

  2. Bill, You, “set in your ways”, I find that a little hard to believe. Whatever system works for you, that’s the important thing.

    How do you define a “dinosaur”? In my lifetime, I can remember when they measured your download speed in single digit baud. The strangest thing I remember is when somebody told me that computers would be in everybody’s house, I just laughed. Dang it, he was right, the kid, me, still had a great deal to learn, he was right. But when it comes to technology, Bill’s comment on 30 MAR 11 at 11:48PM NAILS IT!

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