AC-130s and A-10s in Libya

As I noted briefly last night, the US has upped the ante in its involvement in Libya. While Libya’s integrated air defense system has been virtually wiped out, that doesn’t mean that there is no chance for the bad guys to get lucky. And with the introduction of the AC-130 and the A-10, their opportunities got a bit broader.

Vice Adm. Bill Gortney confirmed in a Monday Pentagon briefing that the A-10 Warthog and the AC-130 began operations in Libya “over the weekend.” That was a busy period for the U.S.-led coalition: 286 strike missions, of which 133 were flown by U.S. pilots.

But unlike the attack aircraft used in the war’s first days, these planes fly low to the ground and fire cannons instead of dropping bombs. Experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan, the A-10’s 30 millimeter “Avenger” guns to shoot holes at ground targets; the A-130 loiters over its targets at 15,000 feet before firing its 25 mm, 40mm and 105 mm guns. If you want to take out enemy tanks, trucks and artillery pieces from the sky — with friendly dudes on the ground nearby — these are the planes you fly.

via U.S. Sends Its Gunships to Shoot Up Gadhafi’s Forces | Danger Room |

It’s one thing to dump an F-15E with two guys. But if they lose an AC-130 with 13 or 14 guys, that’s a different ball game.

5 thoughts on “AC-130s and A-10s in Libya”

  1. But remember, this is not a war. Its a kinetic military action designed to “to stop the killing and enforce U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973.” This is insane. The whole thing is centered on Ghaddafi. The only way to fully implement any of this is regime change. But we don’t want to do that because the Islamists might/will take over in the vacuum. So instead we’re going to do what? Kill Libyans for a while till we get bored or the President decides he wants another photo op?

  2. Bill, if you’re looking at this from a chair, we need to have a chat. It all depends on your location. If you are the “Subject of Interest”, then it is a kinetic war. If you are the “The Delivery Man” and to you, this war is not a kinetic war.

  3. CAS for Al Qaeda. Ain’t FedGov wunnerful? First we wanted to kill ’em all and let Allah sort ’em out. Then we go help liberate them for Kadaffy so they can have liberty to kill some more USGIs. What a Country!

  4. i think its the most childish things we’ve done we get involed with everyone else civil wars instead of focusing on what we need to be doing. but now they send us the a-10 comunitee in, which changes the aspect of what what was first said and everyone acts like this is the first time we’ve done this kind of act.

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