6 thoughts on “The Desire To Be An Infantry Soldier: Thomas Sheehan | Army Strong Stories”

  1. Blues were fine the way they were, as a formal uniform. I don’t like it as a daily Class A uniform, and I really don’t like it as Class B. Not that I liked the old Dress Greens, either… Don’t care for the beret, either, but it is better than that horrific (and expensive) service cap.

    1. Are you talking about what we used to call the “Saucer” cap or the Garrison cap. I didn’t mind the saucer cap, but hated the garrison cap.

      The beret with blues looks chintzy. I wouldn’t mind see Army Blue coming back, but I like “Pinks and Greens” better. In fact, I wouldn’t mind going back to the duffel bag ca. 1945 with current battle dress rather than fatigues.

  2. Service cap = saucer cap = bus driver cap = ugly, expensive, and ill fitting with all variants except the ones that we customized by drastically altering them when I was in The Old Guard. I have managed to successfully avoid wearing them since a dining-in back in 1995 where someone swiped it.

    1. Okay, okay, there were no females in TOG when I was there. Have to remember to see who posted comments last on this computer….

    2. Good job, “Faith”

      I have to say though, my Army Blue cap fit perfectly and looked great. Far better than 99% of the covers I’ve seen on Navy officers and Chiefs.

      Which, considering I bought it used was kinda nice.

  3. Getting that hat to look right in TOG was a whole ritual that involved: pulling out the mesh-covered wire in the inside and cutting the mesh off, making the wire longer and putting back in; breaking the stiffener in the front to allow the front of the hat to bend forward; cutting 3 pieces of coat hanger to size-and-shape to “build-up” the sides and rear; cutting a piece of plastic (the covers of those old plastic-bound FMs worked great) to fit inside the top of the hat to make it tight; and storing it with another coat hanger spanning from button hole to button hold to hold it in an oval shape; and often sticking the bill into a roll of masking tape to get it to roll nicely. The combined effect looked somewhat similar to a Marine’s dress blue hat but better, and certainly not the infamous bus-driver look.
    All of this work could be replaced at least once by a particular soldier (who forgot to reassemble the various pieces of his hat) by sticking a frozen burrito in the back of it for the duration of the show.

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