5 thoughts on “Gates memo includes cuts to 102 flag/general officer positions – News – Stripes”

  1. I would love to see how many company and field-grade officers are now freed up to get back to real jobs as these General Staffs dissolve along with their associated general officers’ billets. I would also like to see a follow up study on the associated change in work output in volume, quality and utility as these organizations now focus on what is most important.

  2. It reminds me of the joke about a busload of lawyers running off a bridge and sinking to the bottom of a lake…it’s a start but not nearly enough.

    If Secretary Gates wants to really save some Pentagon money, hand some more pink slips to some of those pompous bastards with stars on their unis.

  3. Wait, cutting unnecessary overhead reduces overall costs? It’s like I never took ACC 410, this is groundbreaking.

    1. We could stand to go back to the numbers of GOFOs we had CA 1938. We have about the same size Army and Navy as then.

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