Spaghetti Sauce

No, this isn’t about gore and blood. I just got the thinking about dinner, and one of my all time favorites. I spent years eating in Army  mess halls dining facilities, and I love, love the spaghetti sauce the cooks food service specialists made. For some reason the Army can’t make pasta worth a damn, but the spaghettis sauce was first rate.

Any food service types out there? Gotta copy of the recipe card somewhere?

18 thoughts on “Spaghetti Sauce”

    1. I did like the chili-mac.

      You could always tell when the end of the month was rolling around. The DFAC manager was running out of money and ingredients, and viola! Chili-mac was on the menu!

    2. Chili-Mac was a shipboard favorite. Several of the Officers on Courtney would make their way to the mess decks when we were having Chili-Mac. CO included. I’d raid my cache when it was Reuben Sandwiches, but not when it was Chili-Mac.

  1. Having grown up with xbradtc, I should like to point out that he spent most of his high school career eating Hormel chili con carne, SpaghettiO’s with meatballs and Dinty Moore beef stew. That was when he couldn’t score Viet Nam era C-rats that had been surplussed to the dumpster. I would be suspect of his tastes…

    1. My father brought the C-rats that were going to be surplused home when we lived in Germany. Ham and Lima Beans, or Ham and Eggs. Yuuuuum! Liked the peanut butter and crackers too.

    2. I uite like Dinty Moore Beef Stew, ( the Checken Stew is quite nasty ), Spaghettios with Meatballs, and Hormel Chili without beans, as a base for chili cheese fries.

  2. This is a real smart boy, he’s trying to piss off the cook. How many ways are there for a cook to get even? Do you want to find out? I wouldn’t, I’m outta here before the cook finds out! ; – )

  3. Naw, Brad’s right. The Army chow hall could screw up ice cream and cake, but the spaghetti was pretty good. The Yakisobi was appropriately named for all the yakking it would cause (and I don’t mean talking). But the other thing Army cooks did right was breakfast.

    I’d actually pay for mess hall breakfast right now.

  4. Living and working here at FT Lee I get to go to the various food fairs and Connolly competitions on a regualr basis…always good chow.

    In my time in the field the only bad food was when we went to T Rations…the lasagna was edible but the “frankfurters” with powdered ketchup!?!? Really!?!?!?

    I was fortunate back in the old days (read permapressed uniform Army!) when I was the XO of a rifle company to have a great mess team. Back then we still owned our mess team at the company level. My night baker was a Connolly award winning pastry chef…nothing like fresh cinnamon buns at 0500 with a fresh cup of coffee standing in snowy woods in Germany.

    And walking through the MKT-75 with eggs to order for breakfast!

    1. The most under-used piece of equipment in the army is the KCLFF (Kitchen, Company Level, Field Feeding). Even though I owned all the BN’s cooks in HHC, I could send a team of cooks with a KCLFF out to the company assembly areas and cook for them. In Kuwait back in ’98, we even bought fresh eggs from the local market to cook for the companies. And they think all the cooks do is boil water…

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