2 thoughts on “Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys.. – New DoD TDY rules. It's a budget thing.”

  1. If I was in charge for a day, I would immediately cut TDY per diem rates across the board. I am basically cheap, so maybe I am an outlier, but when I was doing a lot of TDY (like 150 days a year), I was putting a couple grand a year in the bank. For example, there is no reason why I should have gotten $80 a day (plus expenses) to live for free in a quonset hut on Pohakalua Training Area. To me, that is fraud, waste and abuse.

    1. Then you should not have been drawing full per diem….your command screwed up.

      As someone who also goes TDY for nearly half of the year I got to say it is highly dependent on mission. In my travel I usually don’t stay in government quarters because none are available. So I am living in a hotel. Usually the hotels are such “luxury” palaces as a Holiday Inn Express or a Country Inn….ain’t a lot of Hyatts and Doubletrees where i am staying. I have noticed the per diem is about adequate for the areas where I travel….and I go to such garden spots as FT Polk, FT Irwin, FT Bliss, FT Drum, etc. I am not going to places like NAS Miami, etc.

      Oh, and why are you staying in those hotels? Because Congress has mandated that due to lobbying from the hotel and restaurant lobbies (go look back during the 1990s for the genesis of this).

      When I go TDY to the AOR that is a different story.

      And airline costs are hugely different by destination. When I go to FT Irwin I fly into Las Vegas. The round trip airfare usually is around $600. If I fly into Ontario or Palm Springs its closer to $1400. Rental cars are cheaper in Vegas.

      And the 1 night I stay in Vegas in order to get that flight to back to the east coast by 6 PM early in the morning costs $13 more than the hotel in Barstow.

      It is all relative.

      Remember the per diem rates are government wide.

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