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This is what happens when Europe’s favored socialist American Presidential candidate falls from their grace by not pulling out of Afghanistan, Iraq, or Gitmo the way he said he would, only to engage in another battlefield in Libya. Now I am wondering if the New York Times, and others, will continually hammer this military case, and plaster the photos on the front page above the fold the way they did with Abu Ghraib for months/years. Will the democrats go all “Pol Pot” on Obama from the Congressional floor?

Der Speigel has released photos of US troops posing with dead Aghanis, tossing fuel on the fire about a trial of 12 US Servicemen that are accused of murder. If these troops did in fact commit murder, they’ll get no sympathy from me.

But the government’s case is weak. How do you prove murder in a war zone where people are expected to kill?  There are a multitude of lesser offenses charged, which the accused are more likely guilty of, such as possession of pictures of dead enemy personnel.

My point here, shared by Weasel Zippers, is about media coverage of the case.

When Abu Ghraib came to light, damn near every Democrat and media outlet laid the blame squarely at the feet of George Bush, and his evil underlord, Darth Cheney.

Why do I suspect that in this case, the blame will fall squarely on the shoulders of the accused, or even on the Army as an institution for putting troops in such a hellish place. But not one finger will point its way toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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  1. Yep, this will stick on the Army more than the CinC. Assuming this is a screwup, every soldier who screws up like this hurts and possibly kills their many fellow soldiers who are doing the right thing. They disgrace their service and their country. This is the we-can-see-you age.

    I guess it’s Obama’s plan. Do nothing to be blamed for nothing. But doing nothing is often the blame. Lead your people Mr President.

  2. In my opinion, the Abu Graib incident was much more egregious, and the causes of it started much higher in the chain of command than did the murders in Afghanistan. That said, in neither case does the responsibility lie with the POTUS. To say that this second one should, merely because the first one was incessantly (and inappropriately) blamed on Bush, is not necessary or useful. Is it hypocritical to NOT be hypocritical and partisan a second time? Maybe. I prefer to maintain my ire for where it can actually accomplish something. (Not sure what or where that is.) The bottom line is that, in any group, there is a bottom 5% that does stupid/criminal things. Good command climates cut that number to 3-4% and bad command climates raise it a couple points. In this case, the blame is properly laid on those alleged criminals, and some additional blame can be laid on the immediate leadership that knew nothing, as well as those leaders that through their words and actions created a climate in which this behavior was acceptable or even encouraged. Investigate, establish accountability for that climate, punish if necessary, and get it off the news cycle. It does not raise to the level of the POTUS, and it didn’t in Abu Ghraib.

    1. I’m not sure that you can fairly say this is less egregious than Abu G. Stupidity on the level of a fraternity initiation are a far cry from murder (should the charges be proven). Having said that, I DO agree that the problems with the chain of command and the command climate in Abu G. were deep, significant, and contributed directly to allowing the incident to happen. COL Karpinski apparently had an appalling lack of character, and it seems to have been reflected throughout her command.

      As to whether the fault should be laid at the feet of POTUS, of course not. My point was not so much accountability for the CinC, but rather to point out the utter hypocrisy of the political attacks on Bush by the Dems/Left and the MBM, who will magically find the current CinC blameless, and other “root causes” at work in this instance.

  3. How come I can’t ever reply to your reply?
    What makes Abu Ghraib worse is not the level of pain associated with sophomoric “hijinks” but rather that it was known and to a certain extent condoned by not only the perpetrators but also others of more seniority and responsibility. On the other hand, murder in and of itself is much worse than leash-wearing etc; however, it is incredibly easy to isolate knowledge of this kind of act, and it can be done without a complicit chain of command. Stories from all three of my OIF deployments can attest to that.
    Yes, I am aware of the hypocrisy and apparent double-standards, but am willing to “take the high road” because to do otherwise, while feeling good, is often tilting at windmills. I contend that neither case should have happened the way that it did, and also that the media treatment of the current flap is more the correct model for both. The beneficiary of this treatment will stand or fall on other, much more substantive issues.

  4. You forgot to blame Rummy! I seem to remember the press hounding Rummy and he offered to resign over Abu G.

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