Don't bring a tank to a fighter-bomber fight…

David Cameron today pronounced the action was ‘legal and right’ as anti-aircraft fire erupted in the Libyan capital Tripoli, with volleys of tracer fire arching into the air, marking the start of a second night of allied strikes on the country.

There is no immediate word on the targets in the new round of strikes. The heavy chatter of anti-aircraft defences began soon after nightfall.

The U.S. military says the first air assault by the U.S. and its allies the night before – including airstrikes by long-range bombers and a shower of Tomahawk cruise missiles – was successful, though it did not fully eliminate the threat from Libyan air defences.

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3 thoughts on “Don't bring a tank to a fighter-bomber fight…”

  1. I would add one more place you don’t bring a tank, like a “Cruise Missile Fight”.

  2. Brad, I stand corrected, it is a Howitzer, not a tank according to John Donovan or “The Armorer” from “The Castle of Argghhh!”

  3. Well, with the French in it this time, maybe they will not deny US/UK rights to overfly their country…. Nothing like losing an F111 crew perhaps as a result of your “allies.”

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