Travel day, so…. Links of interest.

The Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships ain’t ready for prime-time.

Time Magazine needs to grab a newer edition of Jane’s Fighting Ships.

Spring brings new fighting in Afghanistan.

Diversity Uber Alles.

Saturday Totty-Girls with Guns!

Utah makes a wise choice.

Most recent song added to my mp3 player.

Today’s links brought to you by: Kitteh on Patrol

(back in my day, we didn’t even have kitten holsters! We had to carry ours by hand!


4 thoughts on “Travel day, so…. Links of interest.”

  1. That would bother me, following that guy. Having that cat watch me all day long. They can look so judgemental.

    1. At least he’s only disinterested. My cat – Doctor Cat – has a malevolent quality about his stare.

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