Power Line – Scenes of a Disaster

Via Insty, Powerline gets to the heart of my concerns about the fumbling by the Obama administration over events in Libya.

Despite the urgency, it appears that the Libyan insurrection likely will be over before the Obama administration makes any decision as to what to do about it. It may well be that the best course has always been to do nothing. But if that is the case, what was the point of Obama’s pronouncement that Qaddafi “must” go? If it is important that Qaddafi go, then why is the United States unwilling to lift a finger to bring about the event that “must” happen? And how can a situation simultaneously be urgent, but not worth doing anything about?

Weakness, incoherence, drift, indecision–these are the hallmarks of the Obama administration. We are beginning to get a sense of what a world without American leadership looks like.

via Power Line – Scenes of a Disaster.