20 questions or so about the end of Desert Storm

Roamy here.  XBradTC mentioned the 20th anniversary of the beginning of Operation Desert Storm here, but he missed the 20th anniversary of the end, on February 28th.  He didn’t think the end of the story was that interesting, but I pretended to be a real journalist for a little while.  You can let him know in the comments whether this was worth sharing.

Tell us about the ground campaign and how you knew it was over.

It was 100 hours exactly.  We kinda knew it was coming, they had warned us a couple of hours before that there would be a ceasefire.  I was just sitting in the back of a Bradley when we got the cease fire/hold in place message over the radio.

Any comments on the ceasefire?

I was pissed that at least one Republican Guard division was getting away, going north.

What was the difference between the Iraqi army and the Republican Guard?

The regular Iraqi army had mostly Chinese Type 59 tanks, the IRGC had old Soviet T-62 and T-72 tanks.  Also, the regular Iraqi Army tended to just give up. The IRGC had to be killed.  I didn’t shoot any, but I did reload the TOW launcher after we’d fired a couple.

What did you do after the ceasefire?

Spent some time in southern Iraq before being moved back to Saudi Arabia.  We were in the middle of nowhere.  Played volleyball.

When did you come home?

May 1, I flew out to Bamberg, Germany.  Later that month, I took leave and came back to the States.

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