War News Updates: North Korea Is Jamming GPS Signals In The South

SEOUL– North Korea used jamming equipment to block South Korean military communication devices last week, a report said Sunday, amid high tension over the joint drills between Seoul and Washington.

via War News Updates: North Korea Is Jamming GPS Signals In The South.

As Editor at WNU notes, this is troubling. Everything, I mean everything, our military does relies on uninterrupted access to GPS.

GPS is a “single point failure” for the military. And I know a lot of people in a lot of different areas in the military are worried about over-reliance on it. How effective North Korea’s jamming of GPS signals is, I don’t know. But we better have a countermeasure ready and able to overcome right now.

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  1. This is yet another reason to have a, and maintain, a large ground force. Our hi-tech small unit forces are better then any in the world, but the.. what ifs.. are life and death, freedom or slavery, a United States or a barren wasteland. GPS scrambling, short range EMP blast, 1,ooo,ooo man army against 300,000man army, 1000’s of old tanks against 100’s of non working hi-tech tanks? I would hope some electronics are hardened against EMP but at what range from blast did the lowest bidder guarraentee it? and if they fail whose courts will bring them to trial.

  2. Given we know how to produce an EMP weapon without setting off nukes, it’s fair bet the NORKS know how too. Technology is a good force multiplier, but dependence on Technology can get you in a heap of trouble if the enemy can take out your high tech stuff cheaply.

    I’m afraid our military has reached a point where we assume the general availability of certain technologies and assume that the enemy doesn’t get a vote on that. I doubt we have the weapon stock we need if we find ourselves without things like JDAAMs and have to go back to lower tech in the squeeze.

  3. The GPS- jammer would have to be an RF emitter? I think there are RF homing weapons that can precede an gps guided strike.

    The real question is: can AT&T remotely, stealthily, activate smart phone microphones in areas where the GPS signal is disrupted?

    You can fear the NorKs, I fear the Phone-Cops.

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