6 thoughts on “Lost airshow pics”

  1. That’s a great picture of Pretty Polly. Unusual aircraft type, but still, she’s a pretty girl. One of my favorite planes.

  2. A TBM off of the CARD! ( I just read Hunter-Killer by Y’Blood, about the CVEs in the Atlantic theater.) There really was something special about Grumman.
    The photo with the B-17 with the P-38 parked in front makes you realise just how big a P-38 was!

  3. Those are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.. What a treasure for you to have now. The only thing missing was a pic of you….

  4. Strange seeing an S-2 turboprop. I’m guessing that was your pop in front of the TBM. I lost mine in December ’90.

    1. That was dear old Dad. I can’t tell you how moved he was to see those old warbirds from his youth.

      And yeah, a TurboTracker does look and sound funny.

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