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20 years ago today, the ground assault phase of Desert Storm began…

Feature Photo: 20 years ago today, the ground attack began in the 1991 Gulf War.

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  1. I was in Engineering School at Tenn Tech at the time. For awhile I kept CNN going in the background, but had to turn it off as too big a distraction. after you hear the same report 6 times it got a bit tiresome.

    A classmate was on Regimental Staff at the 278th ACR. He had been up for a Troop command, but, he said, that Desert Shield messed things up a bit. There was some resentment among NG troops that they weren’t called up to join in the fun. In the Georgia, NG that’s one thing best left unmentioned. One Armored unit there was boiling about it as they had been told they were going to be called up and Army welshed out on them. My classmate was a bit irritated as well, even though it would have meant not graduating for another year.

    1. Same with Hubby. He was in med school at the time, and decided to get a bye for the year, since his NG unit was going to be called. The call never came, and Hubby lost six months of school.

      He’s still pissed off about not being sent.

    2. Fortunately, he was told the unit wasn’t going to be called up before he had to withdraw, so he didn’t lose out. My understanding in the GAANG Armor unit was given a warning order, and they had to start rearranging life to answer the call. By the time most had done what they needed to go, the call up was rescinded.

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