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We’ve mentioned the XM25 before. Seems the first few examples are in Afghanistan. Lex has an update for us.

In response to an urgent operational need, the Army fielded 5 low-rate production XM-25 grenade launchers to the Af, along with 1000 hand-made rounds.

Initial reports from the field are that the weapon is performing well:

On arrival the XM-25 gave infantry squads the capability to precisely target bad guys hiding behind walls, in irrigation ditches, or among rocky escarpments. The Heckler & Koch-made XM-25 pairs a barrel-mounted targeting computer and a 25mm programmable air-bursting round that’s fed precise range information just before being fired.  A Soldier can simply push a button to range an enemy firing position, dial in one more meter, and the round will explode precisely where the bad guy is sitting.

via “The Punisher” « Neptunus Lex.

Read the whole thing. Every time you see an article about Army small arms, you’ll see COL Tamillo’s name pop up. He’s the guy in charge of buying small arms for the Army. And it is not surprising he has good things to say about the XM25. He looks better if the program (that he’s in charge of) is successful. But you’ll note that we aren’t hearing directly from the end users, the grenadiers shooting it.

It may well be a fine weapon. And while I blanch at the though of firing $1000 grenades, I also understand it is cheaper than firing a Hellfire or having an F-15 fly for 6 hours to drop a $100,000 Paveway LGB.

I’m mostly curious just how long an XM25 can withstand conditions in the field.