3 thoughts on “For US soldiers, a healthy food revolution”

  1. This is a good step; however…. I have seen the color-coded labels used in other dining facilities, and it is easy to make choices. But choices should be available, just with information. As soon as these guys graduate from school, they will be out on regular posts where any fast food you want is a short drive out the front gate. It is a matter of discipline and education, not just taking all options.

  2. Hmmm. The troops have bad guys trying to kill them, and we are worried about some fat in their diet? The biggest risk they run is acute lead poisoning. Not to mention the hazards of politicians with stars on their shoulders.

  3. Maybe I’m betraying my ignorance here, but wouldn’t soldiers in Basic, AIT, or unit maneuvers be burning enough calories that they’d need the carbohydrates and fat in order to remain healthy?

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