What are you reading?

Me? Well, several things right now…

I’m re-reading the Honor Harrington novels by David Weber. It’s a lot like Horatio Hornblower 2500 years from now… I’ve got the whole series on CD.

I’ve also got all three of the Hammer’s Slammers books, courtesy of a regular commenter here.

I’m not really a big fan of sci-fi, so I’ve got some non-fiction stuff too.

I’m a huge fan of Norman Friedman’s works, when I can afford them. I used to have the complete set, but right now, all I have is U.S. Small Combatants, and U.S. Amphibious Ships and Craft. When I win the lottery, I’ll get the rest of the design history series again. As you can tell, they ain’t cheap.

Also re-reading a couple of old favorites. There’s a War to be Won by Geoffrey Perret, and S.E. Morrison’s The Two Ocean War.

After I get done with this nautical kick, I’ll get back into some more Army-centric reading.

What’s on your bookshelf?

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  1. Empires of the Sea, by Roger Crowley. It’s about the struggle between Europe and the Otttoman Empire from the fall of Rhodes to the Battle of Lepanto in the Mediterranean.

    The Lt. Leery series by David Drake. Think Aubrey and Maturin in space. Right now I’m finishing What Distant Deeps.

    Waiting for the next of the Honor Harrington books.

    Just finished Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold. Its in her Vorkosigan saga. If you haven’t checked any of those out, they’re good books. Skip Shards of Honor though, anything you need to know from that book, she explains in later ones.

    Also worth reading are the Harry Dresden books bY Jim Butcher or The Bosch series of mysteries by Michael Connelly.

  2. Bill – what Vorkosigan book should I start with? I got Cryoburn – and its associated CD – with the Webscription for that month. I haven’t read it though, or anything else by her, either.

    1. I would start with either Barrayar or Warrior’s Apprentice. Those are chronologically books two and three. My personal favorites from the series are the short story “Borders of Infinity” and the novel Memory.

  3. I’ve read all the Honor Harrington Series, as well as some of the spin offs. I’ve read all of Drake’s “Hammer’s” books as well. The best of the Military Science Fiction is Pournelle’s Mercenary Series which had been consolidated into “The Prince” along with some other material that hadn’t seen print before.

    Most of what I have is non-fiction. The shelves are heavy with Aviation books, Engineering manuals and references, Surveying manuals and references, systematic theology, bible study references and books.

    I also have a bit of Tom Clancy as well. Red Storm Rising was a favorite of mine. I have plenty to take up my copious free time.

  4. I am reading Mark Twain’s autobiography.
    I just finished Decision Points, by Georg Bush and Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I recommend Unbroken.

    I am wading through Soft Despotism, Democracy’s Drift: Montesquieu, Rousseao, Tocqueville, and The Modern Prospect By P.A. Rahe

    I read SciFi like I eat potato chips. I will not bore you with any of that.
    I will recommend Frederick Marryat, for those who like the age of sail stuff.

  5. I am not that into the vampire thing. Amazon keeps pushing this in my recommendations

    Jerusalem, 33 A.D. The vampires of the era have long sought to gain a foothold into Israel, but the faith of the local Jewish population has held them in check for centuries.

    When one of their own betrays them to follow a strange young rabbi from Galilee, the elders of the vampire race dispatch Theron, a nine hundred year old assassin, to kill them both.

    The rabbi’s name is Jesus. Killing him should be easy.

    It has me intrigued

  6. I love “There’s A War To Be Won” I also recommend his “Winged Victory” the story of the Army Air Force in WW 2…also excellent.

    I also highly recommend “An Army at Dawn” and “The Day of Battle” by Rick Atkinson…the first 2 books of his Liberation Trilogy, the story of the US Army in the Med & ETO.

    1. All four of those books are personal favorites of mine. And Rick needs to hurry up and write the final book of his Liberation Trilogy.

      Oh, I kinda forgot, I’m also reading Anthony Beevor’s history of teh Normandy campaign. He’s no fan of Monty, so he’s OK in my book.

  7. January reading (New Year’s Resolution – to up my reading amount):

    C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity
    William F. Buckley Jr, Nearer, My God
    Arthur Brooks Gross National Happiness (a gift from Jazz)
    Orson Scott Card Empire
    Marcus Lutrell Lone Survivor
    Eric L Haney Inside Delta Force
    John Kennedy Toole A Confederacy of Dunces

    For Feb – I’m gonna read a couple of my kid’s book- started another Orson Scott Card today, “Pathfinder”, and my daughter got a sorta Science Fiction book I want to read.

  8. the Flashman series (all 12 of them): everything you ever wanted to know about how/why the far end of Asia is the way it is, and why it’s the fault of the British… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flashman

    the Aubrey–Maturin series (all 21 of them) (although i’m only on Volume 7 by now): everything you ever wanted to know about how/why the British Navy secured and enabled an Empire to happen….

    1. I’ve read the entire Aubrey/Maturin series straight through twice, and M&C probably a dozen times.

      I’ve read the Flashman series, and I know a lot of people love them, but I didn’t really enjoy them, and likely won’t revisit them.

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