Why am I not terribly surprised?

A guy gets his first executive level job, and can’t grasp that leadership at that level is primarily¬†management¬†of existing resources…

In the comments on an earlier post, loyal commenter Esli remarked upon the differences in leadership techniques and styles at the NCO and officer levels. As you go further up the food chain, those differences become greater and greater.

Imagine a battalion commander who tried to run his command without ever even talking to his intel officer or his logistics officer, and instead spent all his time with his Public Affairs Officer…


4 thoughts on “Why am I not terribly surprised?”

    1. I’ve seen it bandied about that Obama would like to be the Head of State, but not the Chief Executive.

      That is, he likes the trappings of the office of President, but not the duties. And while I won’t go so far as to endorse that, I’d say there’s more than a grain of truth.

      I do not think you can make any direct comparison between military leadership styles, and political leadership. But I will say that Obama has not had a great deal of practical political leadership experience, in terms of crafting legislation, serving on committees and becoming a subject matter expert, and forging the compromises needed to advance a legislative agenda.

      His signature “successes” in legislature have all consisted of naming a priority such as the stimulus or health care reform and then letting the Democrat controlled Congress do what they please, and signing whatever comes across the desk.

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