Russian Defense Minister Causes Uproar With Call to Replace Famed AK-47 –

Russian Defense Minister Causes Uproar With Call to Replace Famed AK-47 –


I’ll bet that caused an uproar. Mind you, the AK-47 was replaced years and years ago. First by the AKM, then in the late 70s/early 80s by the AK-74. The big difference between an AK-47 and the AK-74 was the round each fired. The original AK fired the 7.62mm x 39 round, an “intermediate” round midway between a full length rifle round and a pistol cartridge.

The AK-74 fired the 5.45mm x 39mm cartridge, which is very similar to the US 5.56mm round.

Still, the basic design of the action is over 60 years old.

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  1. It seems the translator did not do a very good job. What I have read on this is that the official said something like, “need a more modern/better design in the future”.
    Don’t ask me though, about the only russian words that I know are, Banya and Vodka.

  2. The Stone action is really not that reliable. The lock up is OK, but direct gas impingement does not work well over the long haul with the ball powders the military has to use 9they burn cooler and aren’t so hard on the throat of the barrel). Stoner designed the weapon to work with IMR powders.

    The Koreans pretty well solved the problem by combining the Stoner lock up with the Kalashnikov gas system. I have a semi-auto version of the Korean weapon and it is nearly as reliable as the AK. The only reason it isn’t as reliable is the loose tolerances of the AK. It’s those loose tolerances that allow the horror stories of the conditions under which the piece will work. They also keep the weapon in the 3-4 moa range on accuracy as well.

    There’s a lot of Russian made ammo available in this country using materials and design good for a Russian made/designed weapon that causes problems in ours. You can read some of the reviews on 5.56mm made by Wold, for example, with Steel cases and polymer coatings that work well in the AK series, but cause problems in AR-15s. The last Russian made stuff I got for my SKS was steel with polymer coating and my SKS liked it quite well. I’d never use their stuff in my Daewoo 200 though.

    Spetznaz love the weapon and at the ranges they use them it is quite adequate.

  3. Stone in the first line is supposed to Be Stoner, as in Eugene Stoner who designed the original AR-10, AR-15 and the later AR-180. he also designed a small belt fed MG the SEALS loved. It would go full auto without the trigger being pulled and the only way to stop it was to twist the belt to force a feed jam. Nice idea, as it could be setup with 3 different configurations, but the execution wasn’t the best in the world. The Teams also used M-60 GPMGs with the barrel cut back to the gas cylinder as well. Those were much less popular because of the weight.

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