DoD Buzz | Three GCV Bids In; Did Army Get It Right?

The program to develop the Bradley’s replacement is starting to gather steam.


And the bids are in for the U.S. Army’s latest effort to field a Ground Combat Vehicle to replace its aging Bradley fighting vehicles, with BAE Systems, General Dynamics and SAIC-led teams entering the fray.

BAE is offering a brand new design, powered by a hybrid electric drive, that the company claims will be the “first combat vehicle designed from the ground-up to meet the current IED-threat environment.”

Meanwhile, the SAIC team, which is calling itself Team Full Spectrum, is offering a version of the German Puma infantry fighting vehicle, the same product it offered in the previous GCV contest.


General Dynamics is also bidding.

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4 thoughts on “DoD Buzz | Three GCV Bids In; Did Army Get It Right?”

  1. So, Brad, will you change your name to XAnachronismTC when they field a GCV variant?
    I still marvel that the 113 is so prolific. Between M2 and 113s, I almost wonder which fleet will have the last vehicle left in the force.

    1. I think two 113s will do a combat tow of the last M2…

      Actually, I saw where BAE is proposing to take the M2A0 fleet and rebuild them to replace most 113 variants in the brigade, from CPs to mortar carriers to ambulances.

      They’re just fishing for work, of course, but the idea does have some attractive points.

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