USS Intrepid

Roamy here.  I’m continuing my dig through the family albums for some of the more interesting museums.  Anchored in New York City is the Essex-class aircraft carrier USS Intrepid.

The USS Intrepid served from 1943 to 1974 and was the first to launch aircraft using a steam-powered catapult.

We visited before the renovation, so I’m sure the layout has changed since then.  There were exhibits on the kamikaze attacks as well as 9/11.

The uniform on the right belonged to Gregg Froehner, a neighbor of Mr. RFH's when he lived in NJ. RIP, Gregg.

The Intrepid also recovered Scott Carpenter after the Aurora 7 Mercury mission and John Young and Gus Grissom after their Gemini flight.

Lots of aircraft to see.

A-12 Blackbird
F-11F Tiger
F-14 Tomcat (and Mini-me)

The Grayback-class USS Growler submarine is also part of the Intrepid museum, but it was closed to the public when I was there.  I hope to see it again someday.

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  1. The spring Intrepid was decommissioned, I was a brand new Airman Apprentice aboare Independence. We picked up a lot of guys from Intrepid for our deployment beginning that July of 1974.
    She also held the record for an Atlantic Crossing by a carrier from Quonset Point, RI to Rota, Spain in four and a half days!

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