20 years ago…

After the sun set, and the stars came out, I was lying on my back on a dark night in the Saudi Arabian desert. For many nights before, I had seen the combat air patrols move north to their stations, and back every hour or so to tank from their refuelers. But on this night, wave after wave of jets went north, to strike targets through out Iraq and Kuwait.

It would be another six weeks before we would cross the border to deliver the coupe de grace to the Republican Guard, but the liberation of Kuwait was underway.

Desert Storm had begun.

6 thoughts on “20 years ago…”

  1. I was on my last shore tour with VA128 at NAS Whidbey Island. I had rolled over seventeen years in the Navy by then on the down hill run to retirement.

  2. I ETS’d 8 days before Saddam invaded, and spent the next decade thinking I’d missed out on “my generation”‘s war! But no-notice deployments to Kuwait in 95, 98, Kosovo 99, Macedonia 00, and Iraq 03, 07-08, and 10 have disavowed me of that crazy notion. You all can have this one!

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