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  1. You know, if you want a good place for a Mountain Division, there’s some convenient former bases scattered around California. The former George AFB springs to mind … Adelanto, CA could use some economic revival, and there’s plenty of mountains in the area. And of course, there’s a nice airfield right there, easy to mate up with your transport. Also pretty close to Edwards AFB and not that far from Fort Irwin.

  2. There are some old training stations from WW2 in Colorado that would fit the 10th’s mission rather well. I think the 10th was originally stood up in Colorado. There are pics of them training in Colorado during WW2.

    The commenters over at “This Ain’t Hell” are spot on about how the civvie populations around military installations treat the Military. The small ADC bases, which tended to be in isolated places, were the only exception I saw. We were treated well in Albany, OR when my father was stationed at Adair AFS in the early 60s. Places like San Antonio, or Savannah, GA, were different.

    The stories of how Norfolk, VA treated the Navy were still being told 20 years later when I was in. Signs like “No Sailors” or “Sailors and dogs stay off the grass” were very common in the early 50s. The Admiral Commanding took the fleet to anchorages in the James River and kept them there for about 6 months. The Mayor of Norfalk then came and asked him to bring the fleet back. The Admiral responsed, “not until ALL the signs are gone and the Navy is actually welcomed back.” I think the “exile” lasted about 12 months just so the town would get the message. Things seemed decent while I was there in Oct ’73 – August ’74, but I lived on the ship (3 hots and cot, and it was free).

    1. Well, despite its name, the 10th Mountain Division isn’t really a Mountain Division.
      It WAS originally a mountain division during WWII. It had a different organization from regular infantry divisions, and its ranks were recruited specifically from such diverse places as the National Ski Patrol and from various logging firms.

      But when the 10thMTN was reconstituted in the mid 1980s, it was organized as just another light infantry division, and the only thing “mountain” about it is the inspiration they take from the previous incarnation of the division in WWII. The only reason the division was placed at Ft. Drum was to spread some defense pork dollars around.

  3. I served in the 10th from 1985 thru 1988 complained the whole time I was there .Home sick hated georgia wanted to go home to memphis tn. Met some really great people. NEVER GOT SHOT AT NEVER SAW ANY OF MY FRIENDS DIE NO IED’S. Had a great co commander 1st sgt sgt major Best 3 yrs of my life 2nd 14th 10th hq co.

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